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About Add A Dangle



Hello everyone I am Veronica Willingham and I am the creative genius (okay I had pretty good idea one day) behind Add A Dangle.

I have been creating one of a kind and limited edition jewelry for over 10 years now and to be quite honest with you I was really itching to do something a little different.  So by chance one day I called a vendor I knew and asked if I could buy a particular item I had been purchasing on line and through a local bead store...and I was rudely rebuffed and told no!  I couldn't believe it...they wouldn't sell to me, the person who every-time that little bead store had stock of this particular item, I would buy them out!  Now you won't let me buy directly from you! I was shocked and a little bit saddened.  But as my good ole' Texas roots would come to prove...we Texans don't give up on much (okay maybe on that 4th or 5th beer...we may not be so motivated), but we NEVER give up!

So I decided since they weren't going to sell to me I was going to start producing my own products, by hand!  And well as the story goes that's history. 

Now sometime later and a lot of jump rings, headpins, ear-wires and so on and so on...you have Add A Dangle.  We are a little hodgepodge of handmade findings, jewelry and ready to wear jewelry.

I know that's not very exciting and not in third person...but sometimes the simpler the story the more heartfelt the outcome...and that's my goal here at Add A Dangle....to provide those with little to no skills in jewelry design...to the skilled crafts person jewelry design findings that may just be a little different than what you are presently used to using in your designs.

And for those of you with little to no inclination to want to design jewelry there is always

veronicawillingham.com ...Where you can find some of the prettiest jewelry you have ever seen...all handmade by me:)

So please have fun and let me know if there is anything we at Add A Dangle can do to help you ...our email is veronica@addadangle.com


Thanks so much,

Veronica T. Willingham

Add A Dangle

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